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Jupiter Financial is a nationwide leader in the equipment finance and working capital space with competitive terms and low rates. We do everything from A-D credit and can even get deals approved with zero down *Note: We soft pull credit, which is huge as there are no hard inquiries on customers credit report. As you know, a hard credit inquiry can lower a score up to 10-15 points. With a soft pull, we could pull it 100x and never effect their score. 

Jupiter Overview

  • New and used equipment

  • Variable term length with fixed rates

  • Loan and lease structures available

  • Zero money down approvals (for qualified applicants)

  • Quick application and approval process

  • Monthly & deferred payments 

  • 4-Tiered Credit Programs:

    • 850-720

    • 719-660

    • 659-600

    • 599 and below


Deal Size: $10,000 to $10,000,000+ 

Rates: Start at 4% and go up based on credit 

Structure: Loans and Leases ($1 buyout, FMV, etc.) 


Down Payment:  

- Good Credit typically 0-10% 

- Challenged Credit typically 10-50% or use of additional collateral to offset down payment 

- Start Ups typically 15-25%+ 


To apply for Equipment Financing see the list of items needed below:


  • Credit Application: Jupiter Financial Application - Link above

  • Invoice/Buyers order for equipment

  • Startup Questions ( *only fill out if you’ve been in business 3 years or less*

  • Last 3 months business bank statements *ALL/FULL PAGES*

  • If you have any prior industry related experience, the oldest W2/1099 (this helps show you’re not totally a startup, and have industry experience/knowledge)

  • Brief summary about you/your company and what you’re needing this equipment for + how much revenue it will generate etc..

John Napoli

Jupiter Financial

856-313-4775 (c)

561-559-2235 (o)

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