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Mystic Ice Cryotherapy


Mystic Ice Equine Cryotherapy Cabins

We are proud to offer “Made in the USA” equipment.


As the North American Distributors of the Mystic Ice Equine Cryotherapy Cabins, we are excited to offer this state of the art, second to none therapy, here in North America.


Equine Cryotherapy cabins have been in use in Europe for several years and we are now able to provide this amazing therapy to our Equine Athletes in North America!!


In 2021 we imported the very first Equine Cryotherapy Cabin to the United States from Finland. After working through covid with this equipment we found it difficult to receive service and support.  We then met with a cryotherapy company in Dallas, TX that has well over 20 years in the cryotherapy business. They hopped on board fully confident that they could help us develop a superior machine – MADE IN THE USA!!


Contact us for current pricing of the Equine Cryotherapy Cabin. This equipment can be installed in a barn, rehab center or in a 4 Star trailer to become a mobile unit. Each purchase comes complete with full training.

Mystic Ice Cryotherapy Cabin Features

Our cabins have been designed with the following features:

Cabin Frt.jfif

Adjustable Split Cabin Doors

The front cabin doors are designed with adjustable options to accommodate all sizes of horses.


Additionally they are a split design allowing for easy exit and control of the horse.


Safety Features

The cabin doors are magnetic - they are NOT hard latched.

In case of emergency and quick evacuation of the cabin, there is a quick release safety button that immediately releases the doors.

The control panel is on an adjustable arm. This provides ease of access & keeps the emergency button within reach.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

The cabin comes equipped with 1 thermal camera mounted from above to allow a visual thermal image of the topline of the horse. 

These images are then projected onto a screen that is mounted on an adjustable arm for the clients viewing. 

Images will show areas of high heat/inflammation. These are possible areas of soreness.

These images DO NOT diagnose & are provided for informational purposes only. 

Let’s Work Together

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