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Mystic Ice Branding Package


We do not provide franchise agreements, but rather a support system. We will assist the buyer with basic set up and support.  All purchasers of Mystic Ice Cryotherapy Cabins work together to help provide therapy to as many disciplines as we can without infringing upon each other - we are all here to help the horses and make a living doing what we love!


Additionally we offer a branding package that is available to purchase.


This will provide the new business owner with a more turn key business experience.


The Branding Packages are customizable and can include:

Set up of:

  • Appointment Apps

  • Payment Apps

  • Vending Insurance

  • Website

  • Business Supplies – Starter Package                                     (Business Cards, Educational and Promotional Pamphlets, Stalls Cards, etc)

  • Vending Tips and Tricks                                                                  (how to secure shows, build your clientele & more)

  • Tools needed for conducting everyday business (tools of the trade).

  • Electrical and Nitrogen accessories.

  • Assistance with set up of Nitrogen suppliers & logistics.

The success of any business hinges on the support they receive - our goal is to set every new business owner on the path to SUCCESS!!!

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